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Litigating Property Rights Cases in California: Law Seminars International

by Matthew Hinks
Litigating property rights cases in California requires navigating a confusing mélange of sometimes unfamiliar and often times conflicting groups of laws, rules and regulatory agencies.

On October 17, 2012, at the Marriott Los Angeles Downtown Hotel, I will be co-chairing an advanced one-day seminar entitled Litigating Property Rights and leading a distinguished panel of speakers who will help us understand this procedural and substantive thicket.

We will discuss new developments in regulatory takings laws and the complexities of federal and California law that dictate when regulation goes “too far” and becomes a “taking” for which compensation is due.

  • Is a new standard on the horizon for takings that are less than permanent and are the rules different for different types of property?
  • What is a property right anyway and what is the extent of protection of those rights under due process principles?
  • How will the well-publicized elimination of California’s redevelopment agencies impact property owners, developers and municipalities?
  • How does a property rights case get tried in California and how does the administrative process impact those cases?

The seminar will tackle these and other stimulating issues. We will not only discuss what the law is and how best to navigate it, but will also offer an in-depth discussion of how municipalities strive to avoid facing property rights claims in the first place.

For registration information go to LSI Seminar: Litigating Property Rights Cases.
Matthew Hinks is a litigator with a wide-ranging practice that focuses primarily on the representation of real estate developers in difficult land use cases. Matt has extensive experience litigating complex mandamus actions and other claims involving signage disputes, governmental takings, CEQA challenges, planning and zoning law, civil rights violations, eminent domain issues, title disputes, lease disputes and community redevelopment and density bonus law. He has extensive experience in both federal and state courts, including trial courts and courts of appeal, as well as in arbitration, mediation and administrative settings. Contact Matt at or 310.201.3558.