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JMBM Land Use Webinar: Using California’s Housing Laws to Get Your Project Approved

In recent years, a series of powerful housing laws have been passed by the California legislature to restrict local agencies from delaying, downsizing, or rejecting housing development projects. These measures aim to enhance the enforceability of key statutes, such as the California Housing Accountability Act (HAA) and the Housing Crisis Act (SB330). The overall objective is to begin to address the state-wide housing crisis by streamlining the approval process for new housing projects while simultaneously curbing a local agencies ability to obstruct the permitting process.

JMBM’s Government, Land Use, Environment and Energy Department recently hosted a webinar detailing how to use these new laws to expedite a project’s entitlement process, to increase density, and tools developers can use to limit a local agency’s ability to delay or deny a project.

The online workshop reviewed key new housing laws, including the HAA, SB330, AB 2011, and State Density Bonus Laws. It also highlighted what every housing developer needs to know to ensure their project gets maximum protection under the new housing laws.

Whether you’re a seasoned housing developer or just stepping into the industry, this workshop provides essential insights into the laws shaping the future of housing projects.

Click here to watch the recorded session.

About JMBM’s Land Use Workshop Series
Our workshops are tailored to inform developers, planning consultants, architects, and real estate experts on the most pressing legal and entitlement trends impacting development projects. Discussions and Q&A will focus on helping project owners, applicants, and consultants understand the risks and opportunities presented by these trends and how they might impact a development project’s likelihood of success.

About JMBM’s Government, Land Use, Environment and Energy Department
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