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JMBM Partner Daniel Freedman Added as Adjunct Faculty to UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

JMBM is pleased to announce that Daniel Freedman, a distinguished partner in JMBM’s Government Land Use and Energy department and co-chair of the firms Housing Strategy and Litigation Group, has been chosen as an adjunct professor for the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs Urban Planning graduate program. This prestigious appointment highlights his exceptional expertise at the intersection of law and urban planning. Daniel has also served as an adjunct professor in the graduate urban planning program for California State University Northridge.

Being selected to teach at one of the nation’s premier institutions is a testament to Daniel’s deep understanding and impact in the field, as well as to his dedication to advancing knowledge in law and its application to the most complex challenges facing today’s city and regional planning professionals. His passion and insights will enrich the learning experience for students and elevate the discourse surrounding land use and city planning.

“As graduate from UCLA’s urban planning Masters program, I understand the significance of this curriculum for the students, as well our regional institutions,” said Daniel. “I look forward to contributing to the program and helping our future planning professionals develop a nuanced perspective of how the law continues to shape our urban environment.”

About the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs Urban Planning Program

The UCLA Department of Urban Planning is at the intersection of unique academic, regional, geographic and professional resources that create a learning environment unlike any other. Los Angeles, one of the most culturally diverse and exciting urban settings in the world, serves as a unique laboratory for faculty and students to study and solve urban issues and problems. The world-class faculty in the department — nationally and internationally recognized scholars and leaders in community development, environmental planning, housing, land development, regional and international development, transportation, and urban design — prepare master’s and doctoral degree students to address the social, economic and spatial relationships that shape society.

About JMBM’s Housing Strategy and Litigation Group
The Housing Strategy and Litigation Group is a specialized team of attorneys with a deep understanding of California’s complex housing development laws, and extensive experience advancing housing development projects through strategic litigation. The group offers a range of legal services to help developers, home builders, and property owners navigate local entitlements, regulatory challenges, appeals, and litigation, and to maximize the advantages and protections afforded by critical California housing laws.

Daniel F. Freedman is a land use, environmental, and municipal law partner who has more than a decade of experience assisting and advising on residential, industrial, commercial and mixed-use developments. He also represents clients on related civil litigation matters in both state and federal courts, and is an experienced lobbyist on local, state, and federal matters. Daniel can be contacted at or 310.785.5391.